Spotify paying subscribers jumps to 2.5 million

Music service doesn't say how many subscribers are in the U.S. vs. international, but its growth is notable.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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Spotify now has 2.5 million paying subscribers, the music service said today.

Spotify didn't say in its blog post how the subscribers break down by country, but it appears that its expansion to the U.S. has been a significant factor in its growth. In March, the company hit 1 million paying subscribers before it had launched its service in the U.S. Last month, Reuters reported that Spotify had 250,000 paying subscribers in the U.S.

Spotify currently offers two paid plans. Its "unlimited" option costs customers $4.99 per month to listen to unlimited tracks with no ads. A "premium" option for $9.99 per month brings Spotify to mobile devices and includes an offline mode for listening to tracks.

A key component in Spotify's gains appears to be the service's deep integration in Facebook. In September, Facebook announced that users could stream music from the social network, mainly through Spotify's service. Since then, Spotify chief content officer Ken Parks told Bloomberg, the streaming-music provider has added 500,000 paying subscribers.

However, there is also some speculation that Spotify might be in trouble. Earlier this month, 200 independent music labels pulled their tracks from Spotify. Last month, the company was hit by news that both Coldplay and Tom Waits would not offer their latest albums on Spotify.

But Spotify isn't admitting to any problem. In fact, the company is planning a press event for November 30 at 9 a.m. PT to talk about "what's next." The company has also reportedly said that it will focus on its plans for a "new direction" at the event.

Spotify did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on its paid-subscriber figures.