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Spotify extends free-play 'honeymoon' indefinitely

The company had initially planned to offer free listening for six months, but now, the ad-supported option will be available for a longer, undisclosed period of time.

Spotify users who have taken advantage of the company's no-cost, no-limits listening won't be held to any new limits just yet.

The music-streaming company announced today that it will extend its "honeymoon for unlimited free listening" for an indefinite period of time. When Spotify launched last year, the company said that users would be able to listen to free, ad-supported music for six months. After that, they would have been subject to a 10-hour monthly listening cap.

Spotify's decision to extend the unlimited listening isn't necessarily a surprise, since the company has been doing it for the last three months -- Spotify launched in the U.S. nine months ago.

In that time, user interest in Spotify has grown relatively rapidly. In November, Spotify announced that it had reached 2.5 million paying subscribers worldwide, more than doubling the 1 million subscribers it had across Europe in March.

As Spotify looks to the future, the company is focusing more of its time on third-party apps. Last week, the firm introduced 12 new applications for its service, including one called Classify that allows users to find songs based on composers, eras, and moods. Another app, dubbed Hot or Not, lets users listen to two songs and determine which track is better.

There's no telling how much longer Spotify will offer free, unlimited listening. Those who don't want to wait to find out can sign up for Spotify's $4.99-per-month Unlimited plan, which ditches ads. The company's Premium plan, which goes for $9.99 per month, adds mobile support and offline mode.