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Sony: PS3 3D Blu-ray playback coming in October

Sony plans to bring 3D Blu-ray playback to the PlayStation 3 in October. The announcement was made at IFA.


After some delays, 3D Blu-ray playback is making its way to the PlayStation 3 in October, Sony CEO Howard Stringer announced at IFA in Berlin on Wednesday.

Gamers have been waiting for PlayStation 3 3D Blu-ray playback for quite awhile. The functionality was first announced at CES in January. Although some hoped it would be available to the console over the summer, Sony said in July that it planned to make 3D Blu-ray playback available as a free firmware update in September.

Now PS3 owners need to wait until October, though in an IFA keynote address Stringer stopped short of pinpointing an exact release date.

Adding the PlayStation 3 to the 3D Blu-ray market could potentially help with the adoption of 3D. Currently, Sony has more than 37 million PlayStation 3 consoles in homes around the world. By including 3D Blu-ray playback in its console, the company effectively adds that many potential customers to the space.

That said, 3D Blu-ray has been something of a disappointment. There are few movies available that support the technology, and looking ahead, "Avatar" could be the most viable option for 3D Blu-ray seekers. But so far, no release date has been announced for that film.

Look for the 3D Blu-ray firmware update in October--that is, unless Sony breaks its promise again.

(Via Engadget)