Sonos One going on sale for $179 to make way for new Gen 2 version

Sonos will sell a slightly updated Gen 2 version of its smart speaker, and discount the original to $179.

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Sonos One
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An updated version of the Sonos One  smart speaker, called Gen 2, goes on sale tomorrow, adding minor improvements including Bluetooth Low Energy for easier setup -- though not audio streaming.

A Sonos representative told CNET that the new $199 version is identical in appearance to the original, but internal changes include an updated processor and increased memory. It will say "Sonos One Gen 2" on the box and will be sold in place of the original model. 

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The company says the original will be offered by some US retailers at a reduced price of $179 while stocks last.

Released in 2017, the Sonos One includes  Amazon 's Alexa voice assistant on board and will soon also include Google Assistant. Bluetooth audio is still one of the missing features which is offered by competitors such as the Amazon Echo range and the JBL Link 300.

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Correction, 9:49 a.m. PT: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the speaker offered Bluetooth audio, but Sonos has clarified that Bluetooth is only used for setup.