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Sling improves video quality in iPhone app

Sling Media has updated its iPhone app with higher-quality video, as well as access to the new program guide, two features already available in the iPad version.

The SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone app.
The SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone app.
Sling Media

Sling Media has updated its SlingPlayer iPhone app to feature "high-quality streaming," the company said, though it didn't provide exact resolution for the new offering.

There are some limitations with the addition of high-quality streaming in SlingPlayer Mobile version 2.0 for the iPhone. Sling said that to take advantage of high-quality streaming, users will need an 800 kilobits per second download speed over Wi-Fi and a 500Kbps speed on 3G. The company also said that "users with the Slingbox Classic, Tuner, AV, and Pro can stream with this update, but they can't use the high-quality video mode." High-quality video is available only on the Slingbox Solo or a Slingbox Pro-HD.

In addition, the update has added a new program guide. It allows users to see DVR listings, schedule recordings, and see shows that are airing at that time.

Sling's update to the iPhone app comes on the heels of its launch of the iPad app at the end of November. That app, like the iPhone version, retails for $29.99.