Sleep Number mattresses may diagnose heart attacks -- someday

Sleep Number envisions a future where its mattresses can do a lot more than weigh in on how well you slept.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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What if your mattress could diagnose your partner's sleep apnea -- or a heart attack?

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is back at CES 2018 again this year, but this time they don't have a new mattress on display. Instead, it's all about imagining the future potential intersection of smart mattresses and health. Since Sleep Number's smart mattresses already have a ton of built-in sensors, why couldn't they alert you to an abnormal heart rate or sleep apnea at some point in the future? That's the question Sleep Number is asking at CES this year.

It's a fair question, but somewhat tricky to navigate. Baby monitors like the Owlet and the Cocoon Cam Clarity make big claims about being able to track your baby's vitals. But, how accurate are they really at diagnosing critical health conditions like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS?

Sleep Number's It Bed and 360 mattress can already sense your vitals -- from your breathing rate to your heart rate. They can also weigh in on how restful your night's sleep was, including how often you get out of bed and how much you toss and turn. 

The company is specifically looking into the future of diagnosing conditions like heart attacks, sleep apnea, the flu and more. It doesn't sound like this functionality is coming from Sleep Number any time soon, but companies like Apple are paving the way with products like the Apple Watch 3, which takes resting and active heart measurements and shares the stats with you in easy-to-understand graphs.

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