See Time Warner Cable shows up to 3 days later

New service called Look Back enables customers to go back and watch shows they missed up to 72 hours after airing--without the need for a DVR.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Time Warner Cable customers who miss their favorite show may now be able to go back and watch it without needing a DVR.

Starting tomorrow, a new feature called "Look Back" will be available to Time Warner Cable customers in certain areas, the company announced today. The option enables customers go back to certain programs that aired over the past 72 hours and watch it for free on their television. The FAQ page on the Look Back site says users aren't required to have a DVR to use the service, but they will need a digital cable set-top box from Time Warner.

There are some limitations to Look Back. The service will only be available in New York, New England, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, and "parts of Texas." Time Warner Cable said on its FAQ page that it hopes to have the feature available to "most customers" by the end of the year. In addition, it will only work with 48 channels currently on the service--24 in HD and 24 in standard definition. Some of the supported channels include ABC, NBC, Disney, TLC, SyFy, and Discovery Channel. Also, users cannot fast-forward shows on Look Back, though they can pause or rewind them.

Time Warner Cable has been testing Look Back in select markets for some time. The company said that based on the success of Look Back in those cities, it has decided to launch it widely.

Look Back seems to work quite simply. The company said that users will need to click "select" on their remotes to bring up the Enhanced Menu. From there, they need only to click the Look Back option, choose the day they want to search for programming, pick the show, and start watching it from the beginning. As noted, only programs that aired in the past three days will be available.