Secure an area rug with Velcro to keep it from sliding around

Keep your kitchen rug in place with some well-placed Velcro.

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secure an area rug
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Many people opt for an area rug in the kitchen to add a little cushion where they spend a lot of time standing. But a rug that constantly rolls in the corners, bunches or slips and slides around is frustrating.

No matter how many times you readjust the rug, it always ends up in the wrong place. And often, if your area rug isn't thick and heavy, those non-slip rug pads will only make matters worse.

Fortunately, there is a very quick and affordable way to ensure your kitchen rug stays put once and for all.

What you'll need

All you will need for this project are a pair of scissors and approximately 8 inches (20.3 centimeters) of Velcro straps. The Velcro I used was 0.75 inches (1.9 centimeters) wide. I wouldn't recommend the strips being any narrower, but wider will only make the area rug more secure.

Note: This will not work well on carpet. It's intended for hardwoods, laminate, vinyl and other hard, smooth surfaces.

Secure the area rug

Begin by choosing exactly where you want the rug. Afterwards, you will have a few inches of adjustment, but the only way to fully reposition the area rug afterwards is by ripping up the velcro and starting over.

  • Cut the Velcro into four 2-inch (5.1-centimeter) strips.
  • Roll back on side of the area rug, peel the protective coating off the back of the rough (hook) side of the Velcro and firmly apply this into one of the corners of the rug. Repeat this step for the remaining three corners of the rug.
  • Peel the protective coating off the soft (loop) side of all the velcro strips, and firmly press them onto the floor. You may even want to stand on the corners of the rug to secure the rug in place.

Now the area rug won't slip and slide around, and if you need to wash the rug or clean around or under it, you simply have to peel the two sides of the velcro apart. When you're done, putting the rug back exactly where it was is a breeze, as you now have a visual guide.

This same method can apply to mats in your bathroom, entrance ways and area rugs throughout the house.