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Samsung's Galaxy Home Mini makes appearance in South Korean beta test

It's real, but the question now is when Samsung might fully release it.

Galaxy Home Mini Samsung Beta

A Samsung beta test website is providing our first look at the Galaxy Home Mini. 


Samsung appears to have a Galaxy Home Mini after all. 

While we saw the product make its way through the FCC months ago, Samsung has been quiet about its smart speaker plans in recent months. Now it appears that at least one of its devices is starting to be rolled out to consumers, with the company starting up a beta in South Korea to let interested users in its home country try out the new smart speaker. 

The beta test, first spotted by SamMobile, also gives us our first real look at the Home Mini, which looks a lot like the larger Galaxy Home that Samsung announced last year but still hasn't shipped. 

Galaxy Home Mini Samsung Beta SmartThings

Samsung's SmartThings will be present on the Galaxy Home Mini. 


We don't know much else about the presumed Bixby-powered smart speaker, though from the beta page it's clear that the Home Mini will work with Samsung's SmartThings platform for controlling smart devices in your home, with infrared for controlling your TV. 

Interested applicants in South Korea can apply until Sunday to try to take part in the program. 

It remains to be seen when Samsung might release its two smart speakers and how much they'll cost. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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