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Samsung ships 1 million Galaxy S smartphones

Company reaches a milestone in about six weeks with this line of Android-based smartphones, which have been available via AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint is up next.

The Samsung Galaxy S
A Samsung Galaxy S smartphone Samsung

Samsung has shipped 1 million Galaxy S smartphones in the U.S. since their mid-July launch, the company said Monday.

Samsung said the Android-based devices' success can be attributed in part to an aggressive ad campaign. The company has advertised Galaxy S phones on several major TV network shows. It was also quick to point out that its decision to offer the Galaxy S through multiple carriers has helped the smartphones attract customers.

Galaxy S is a line of Android smartphones, not a single device. The models released so far have been the Samsung Captivate for AT&T and the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile. Sprint will start selling the Samsung Epic 4G, starting Tuesday. And Verizon Wireless will introduce the Samsung Fascinate this fall.

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