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Samsung, LG, and GE appliances get new smarts and slick finishes for 2019

Large appliance makers will add enhanced smarts, new functions and slick finishes to their 2019 lineups.

GE will offer a "Modern Glass Collection" finish option for its Cafe line appliances. They will sport a minimalist, industrial design with plenty of glass and metals.

GE Appliances

On the hunt for a new oven, range, fridge, or dishwasher this year? If so, expect it to do more and look a lot better than models from years past. A host of manufacturers plan to add new abilities like air fryer functions, guided recipes, plus fresh exterior finishes to their 2019 large appliance lineups.

This new Frigidaire oven will come with an air fryer mode.


Large ovens that air fry

Timed with KBIS 2019, both Frigidaire and GE announced that certain oven models within their 2019 product line will boast an air fryer mode. In GE's case, it's the company's Cafe and Profile wall ovens that will have the feature. Frigidaire on the other hand will integrate air frying into one particular free-standing range (30-inch, both gas and electric).

It's not a surprising move. Air frying is essentially convection baking, something ovens have done for decades, but ramped up to extreme levels. The popularity of small countertop air fryers has also spiked in recent years. Given all that, it makes perfect sense for big-ticket kitchen cookers to do the same.  

LG's 2019 smart ovens and ranges will sync with the Tovala meal kit service to automatically cook them. 


Smarts that make sense

Another trend in 2019 are appliances linked to smart cooking services. Specifically, LG will integrate Tovala IQ technology into its smart ovens and ranges. Like the Tovala countertop oven, these connected LG appliances will recognize Tovala-branded meal kits by their barcodes.

Once scanned by your phone, via Tovala's app, the LG smart oven or range will automatically begin a matching preheat cycle. After that, just pop the meal package into the cooker and the appliance takes over from there.

Additionally LG plans to add support for Amazon Dash to its smart washing machines and dishwashers. So connected, the appliances will automatically reorder detergent and other staples if supplies run low. 

For the wine lover in your life (maybe that's you), there's LG's new Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Column. In addition to chilling and storing wine at ideal temperatures, it boasts a True Sommelier companion app powered by Wine Ring AI. Tell it what wine you have on hand and what kinds of wine you like, and it'll suggest recommended bottles for you to add to your collection next, as well as ideal food pairings.

GE's "Modern Glass Collection" kitchen appliances have glass surfaces with platinum underneath to help them appear glossy and iridescent. 

GE Appliances

Fancier, faster, more features

New finishes are also in the cards for 2019. Samsung will clad its upcoming kitchen appliances in a "Tuscan stainless steel" hue. And the company plans to coat its washers and dryers in what it calls a "champagne" finish. And to compliment today's industrial kitchen designs, GE said it will offer optional glass exteriors and handles on its Cafe line. Billed as the "Modern Glass Collection", GE said these kitchen products will arrive in showrooms by September 2019.

Frigidaire also has a refrigerator with a revamped door layout in the works. The brand's newest counter-depth French door model has an extra-wide right-hand door, promising to let you access 75 percent of the interior without needing to open both doors. It'll also come with a drawer that can double as an additional freezer section. On top of that, the company announced a dishwasher that uses a second water wheel. Typically the appliances ship with just one. According to Frigidaire, the machine cleans better and dries dishes faster. 

Bosch will also make dish drying a priority this year. Its high-end dishwashers will feature what the company calls "CrystalDry." This mode heats water in the machine to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, hot air is circulated gently to evaporate any moisture remaining on clean dishware.