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Rumor: Updated MacBook Pros, iMac in early '11

Apple may be planning to upgrade its current MacBook Pro and iMac lines during the first half of 2011, DigiTimes claims. Apple has yet to confirm or deny.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Is the iMac poised for an update in the next six months?
Is the iMac poised for an update in the next six months? Apple

Apple may be planning to offer new options in its iMac and MacBook Pro lines within the next six months, a report from DigiTimes claims.

Citing "sources from upstream component makers," DigiTimes reported today that Apple will offer "a slight change in chassis design" on its MacBook Pro models next year. The sources also told the publication that Apple is planning to introduce a new display size for the iMac, as well as a new price on the all-in-one computer.

DigiTimes' report, which should be classified as an absolute rumor until Apple comments, follows earlier evidence that some changes are afoot in Apple's MacBook product line.

Last week, sources told CNET that Apple is planning to ditch Nvidia GPUs in the next update to its MacBook line to make way for Intel's Sandy Bridge processors. The sources told CNET that Sandy Bridge processors will be made available in MacBooks that feature 13-inch screen sizes and under. In its larger MacBook Pro models, the sources expect Apple to offer Advanced Micro Devices' GPUs.

The Sandy Bridge processor from Intel is notable for being the first of its kind in the "mainstream" market to feature a graphics chip grafted atop a processor. Sandy Bridge is expected to deliver better performance than competing components, potentially making it a fine choice in Apple's refreshed MacBook line.

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment.