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Roku to launch budget Walmart-branded soundbar and subwoofer

They'll cost just $129 each.

Roku onn Walmart subwoofer
Roku's Onn-branded subwoofer for Walmart.

Roku is launching budget-priced versions of its smart soundbar and wireless subwoofer for Walmart, the companies announced Monday. The two products will cost $129 each and be packaged with Walmart's Onn branding, as reported earlier by TechCrunch. Both products usually cost $180.

The low-cost Walmart versions will go on sale in the next few weeks in stores and online. Walmart wanted to work with Roku "to deliver a new category of audio and streaming products in time for the holiday season that are easy to use and come at an incredible value," said Ryan Peterson, Walmart's VP of consumer electronics.

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The soundbar can be used with most TVs, and comes with a 4K Roku streamer built in. It also comes with Roku Connect, Dolby audio, Bluetooth, Roku search, a Roku remote and access to the free Roku mobile app.

The wireless subwoofer is then an optional add-on for more bass.