RIM accepting PlayBook apps for approval

Research In Motion is now letting developers submit their PlayBook tablet applications for approval in the BlackBerry App World. If their apps are approved, they can get a free PlayBook.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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A view of the BlackBerry PlayBook.
A view of the BlackBerry PlayBook. James Martin/CNET

In preparation for the launch of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet next year, Research In Motion is now allowing developers to submit their applications for approval into the company's BlackBerry App World.

Back in October, RIM announced the release of its Adobe Air software development kit, allowing developers to use that platform to create programs for the tablet. The company's developer page says it will soon offer "support for content and applications using Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML5."

RIM did not divulge how it will go about accepting programs, nor did it say how many apps it expects to be submitted to the store during the initial phase.

RIM also announced today that developers who submit a program to the BlackBerry App World and have it accepted prior to the launch of its tablet in North America will receive a free PlayBook. RIM said that it's limiting the offer to a single tablet per developer.

RIM's PlayBook is expected to hit store shelves early next year. RIM has yet to divulge an exact release date or price.