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Reports: Apple TV starts shipping

The set-top box is now being sent to customers' homes, according to word around the Web. The devices should arrive at their destinations later this week.


The Apple TV is now shipping, according to reports.

Several publications, including Engadget, have been receiving word from people who've ordered the Apple TV that the set-top box has started shipping. The devices are scheduled to arrive at customer homes by the end of the month (that is, Thursday), but as early as tomorrow, the reports claim.

I also preordered an Apple TV. Although my order status currently says that the device hasn't shipped, it has been "prepared for shipment." Apple's order-status page still says that the device will ship by the end of this month.

The new Apple TV was unveiled at a September 1 Apple event by CEO Steve Jobs. The device is much smaller than the original Apple TV and boasts an all-black finish. Apple ditched onboard storage in favor of streaming in the new set-top box. Users hoping to watch television shows can stream them to their Apple TV for 99 cents apiece. HD films are available for $4.99. Owners can also access Netflix Instant Streaming.

The Apple TV is scheduled to hit store shelves by the end of the month. It retails for $99.