Report: PSP2 to sport 3G, OLED touch screen

Sony is expected to unveil its PSP2 later this week, and when it does, the handheld game player could feature 3G connectivity and an OLED touch screen, according to Nikkei.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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A concept design of the PSP2. Will it look like this?
A concept design of the PSP2. Will it look like this? PSM3

Sony could announce a PSP2 as early as this week, and if it does, the device could offer 3G connectivity and an OLED touch screen, Japanese news giant Nikkei reports.

According to Nikkei, the upcoming follow-up to the PSP will use its 3G connection to help people download content and play online games. However, the publication said that Sony is simply trying to "accelerate the convergence of mobile and gaming" and will not make phone calls.

Nikkei didn't say whether the 3G connectivity would be available outside Japan or how much it may cost. However, Nikkei said the device will have a built-in Wi-Fi connection.

Nikkei's claim that the PSP2 will come with an OLED touch screen is something that has been bandied about quite a bit. Last year, reports surfaced that claimed the device would include an HD screen. However, those reports also said that the "touchpad" would be on the back of the PSP2. Nikkei believes that the platform's actual touch functionality will be planted on the face of the device.

Finally, Nikkei said it expects the PSP2 to run a new processor capable of outputting much better graphics than its predecessor. Earlier rumors have suggested the device could have graphics that rival those of the PlayStation 3.

For its part, Sony has been mum on the possibility of releasing a new PSP. But the company is expected to have a busy next few weeks.

On Thursday, Sony will host a press event in Tokyo-- where it's expected to unveil details about the long-rumored PSP2. Next month, Sony Ericsson will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it's expected to unveil the PlayStation Phone. The phone will likely run the Android OS and feature both a touch screen and slide-out PlayStation controls for gaming, in addition to allowing people to place calls.