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Report: More than 50 3D PS3 games on the way

So says video game site Develop Online, which reportedly talked with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Studio Director Mick Hocking.

Playing 3D games on the PlayStation 3.
Playing 3D games on the PlayStation 3.
Jeff Bakalar/CNET

It won't be long before the PlayStation 3 is accommodating a slew of 3D titles, a Sony executive has reportedly told gaming publication Develop Online.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Studio Director Mick Hocking told Develop Online recently that Sony is currently "applying 3D to more than 20 internal games." He went on to say that third-party studios are also seeing value in creating 3D titles for the PlayStation 3.

"Overall we have more than 50 titles currently being converted into 3D, and this number if growing fast," Hocking reportedly told Develop in the interview. "Some of them are massive names. That's a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles."

Unfortunately, Hocking didn't elaborate on which titles are currently being converted to 3D. But one of the most anticipated 3D releases for the PlayStation 3 is Killzone 3, which is currently in development. According to Hocking, when players "plant an explosive charge on the wall" in the game, the 3D effect makes gamers think the "charge has been placed on your TV. It's amazing."

Sony has been investing heavily in 3D both in and out of the gaming space. Earlier this year, the company updated the PlayStation 3's firmware to support 3D games. In September, it updated the PlayStation 3 again to accommodate 3D Blu-ray movie playback. The company is also heavily invested in the 3D TV market, selling sets with the technology built-in.

For now, 3D games are somewhat hard to come by. Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops is arguably the most notable 3D title on store shelves. But if what Hocking reportedly said is true, it might not be long before a slew of 3D titles make their way to Sony's console.

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