Report: Apple orders 10 million iPhone 5 units for September

Company has hired manufacturer Pegatron, which will start shipping the smartphone in September, according to Taiwan's DigiTimes.

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When will the iPhone 4 be replaced?
When will the iPhone 4 be replaced? Apple

Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor.

This time around, Taiwan-based DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has hired Pegatron to produce 10 million iPhone 5 units. According to the publication's unnamed sources, Taiwan-based Pegatron plans to ship the iPhone 5 in September, paving the way for Apple to release the smartphone any time after that.

But before you pull out your wallet, consider that last month, DigiTimes reported that Pegatron had received an order from Apple to produce 15 million iPhone 5 units that it would ship in September. If today's story is to be believed, that didn't happen.

Of course, the fact that the previous story was apparently wrong shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Over the last several weeks, rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 have contradicted themselves time and again as new "details" emerge.

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For instance, in June, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said that Apple would be launching the next iPhone in the third quarter of this year, indicating an August or September release was possible. Just two days later, BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman echoed that sentiment, saying that Apple's next smartphone launch would occur in September.

However, last month, DigiTimes reported that suppliers were preparing for an October release, and then followed that up a few days later, saying the device would ship in September. China Times said last month that Apple would only deliver 4 million iPhone units to store shelves for a mid-September release. But then AllThingsD cited sources "with knowledge of the plans" that said Apple was really planning to launch the next iPhone in October.

One of the most recent rumors came from Gizmodo, which claims Apple will release the iPhone 5 during the last two weeks of September, due to AT&T's reported decision to block employees from taking vacation during that period.

But that's just the release schedule. Similarly contradictory reports are swirling over whether or not Apple's next release will be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S and whether the update will be major or incremental. At this point, the only company that knows for sure is Apple. And as one might expect given its history, Apple is not talking.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on the latest iPhone 5 rumor.