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Pyrexx brings the bling with new smoke detectors

Because even smoke detectors deserve to look fabulous.


Despite their usual spot on the ceiling, smoke detectors typically keep a pretty low profile in the world of household tech. Don't tell that to German manufacturer Pyrexx, though. The company's new line of PX-1 smoke detectors come in an immense array of styles and colors -- including four glitzy models bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

The smoke detectors promises quality performance, too, with 12-year warranties and a promise of fewer false alarms. And if the connected smarts of the Nest Protect are more to your tastes, you can upgrade to the PX-1C models, which communicate wirelessly with each other and with a Wi-Fi hub that'll send alerts to your smartphone if anything's ever amiss.

Aside from the eyebrow-raising Swarovski models, Pyrexx sells smoke detectors in just about every color combination imaginable, along with more rustic-looking woodgrain models. You can even go with smoke detectors designed to camouflage themselves into a high-concept ceiling design, if you so choose.

The PX-1 starts at £28 (about $45 or AU$60), while the connected PX-1C model sells for £83 ($130, AU$170). Pyrexx isn't selling the things in the US just yet, but says that international expansion is in the cards.

(Thanks to Julie Jacobson/CE Pro.)