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How to preorder all of the new Amazon Echo devices and more

Amazon just announced a slew of new Alexa-powered hardware. Here's how to get all of it.

Amazon has been quickly growing its Alexa-powered offerings since 2014. It ramped things up last year by announcing six new devices in one fell swoop. 

But if that wasn't enough to convince you that Amazon is all-in on Alexa, it just announced 12 new Alexa-powered devices. Yes, 12.

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Amazon just announced everything from a new Echo Dot ($17 at Amazon), Plus and Show to a subwoofer, microwave and a wall clock. Here's how to preorder everything and be among the first to get your hands on Amazon's new goodies.

Echo Dot

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First up at today's event was a brand-new Echo Dot. It features a new fabric design (not unlike the Google Home Mini ($25 at Best Buy)) that will come in different color options. Compared to the existing Dot, it's slightly smaller, features a brand-new mic array and is said to be up to 70 percent louder.

Like the models before it, the new Echo Dot will sell for $50. Preorders begin today and it will begin to ship on Oct. 11.

Echo Input

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The Echo Input is, effectively, an Echo Dot without a speaker. It's intended to be used with an existing speaker, like many people already do with their Echo Dots. Connect the Input to your sound system via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack and stream music, audiobooks or podcasts through your sound system.

With no speaker inside, it's both smaller and cheaper than the Echo Dot. It's just 0.49 inch (12.5 millimeters) tall and priced at just $35. The Echo Input will be available for purchase later this year, though you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available on its store page.

Echo Sub

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The Echo Sub adds that much-needed bass to your existing Alexa speaker setup. You can connect the subwoofer with another Echo or Echo Plus ($68 at Amazon) in single or stereo pairing.

The Echo Plus will set you back $130, and preorders begin today. You can also bundle the Sub with two second-generation Echo Plus speakers for $330 or two second-generation Echo speakers for $250. The Echo Sub is set to ship Oct. 11.

Echo Link and Echo Link Amp

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Unlike the Echo Input, the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp both lack a microphone input. The Link is designed to connect to a receiver or amplifier so you can control your existing entertainment center speakers using Alexa. The Link Amp is a slightly larger box with a 60-watt two-channel amplifier.

Once connected, you will be able to control your existing speakers via the Alexa app or other Alexa devices around your house.

The Echo Link will set you back $200, while the Echo Link Amp will cost $300. Both are set to ship later this year.

Echo Plus

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Amazon also announced a redesign of the Echo Plus. This time around, it's getting clearer sound and better bass. It will also double as a smart home hub that can still control your local smart home devices, without an internet connection. 

The Echo Plus also comes with a built-in temperature sensor that you can use to build routines based on the temperature of the room the speaker is in.

The newer Echo Plus is still $150. Preorders begin today and orders will begin shipping on Oct. 11.

Echo Show

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The Amazon Echo Show is also getting a redesign with a larger, 10-inch (25-centimeter) screen and better audio. For audio, there are now two side-firing 2-inch drivers, a passive bass radiator and Dolby processing. It also has an eight-mic array.

The Echo Show will remain the same $230 and preorders begin today. Orders will begin shipping on Oct. 11.

Echo Auto

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Adding Alexa to your car isn't a totally new concept, but Amazon has never officially offered a way to do it until now. The Echo Auto has an eight-microphone array that, according to Amazon, is "designed specifically to handle noise in the car." 

It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE (so no need for a hotspot) and allows you to have all your favorite hands-free controls behind the wheel.

For now, you must request an invitation to purchase the Echo Auto for a reduced price of $25. However, when it's publicly available it will cost $50.

Echo Wall Clock

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The Echo Wall Clock is a companion device to your existing Alexa speakers. In short, it acts as a visual display for all your timers and reminders. Say, "Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes." The Echo Wall Clock will display the time remaining on the timer. It connects to your other Echo devices using Bluetooth.

The Echo Wall Clock is set to release later this year for $20. You can sign up to be notified on the landing page.

Amazon Smart Plug

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Amazon is also making its very own Smart Plug. It will be the first device to ship with Amazon's new Wi-Fi Simple Setup. When you plug it into an outlet for the first time, Alexa will ask how you want to name it. Then you can simply speak the name, rather than fiddling with an app and manually typing it in.

The Amazon Smart Plug will set you back $25 and is available for preorder today. It will begin to ship on Oct. 11.

AmazonBasics Microwave

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One of the more unusual and unexpected device announcements at Amazon's surprise event was a microwave. Yep, a microwave.

The AmazonBasics Microwave comes with a built-in Alexa button. Press it and tell it what you're cooking and it can use one of its dozens of voice presets for cook times and intensity. Or you can simply say, "Five minutes on high."

And with the magic of Amazon Dash, this connected microwave can automatically reorder popcorn when you're running low, too.

The AmazonBasics Microwave is available for preorder today for $60 and will ship on Nov. 14.

Amazon Fire TV Recast

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Finally, Amazon Fire TV Recast is a DVR for free over-the-air programming. You can record your favorite live TV shows and then stream them to any Fire TV, Echo Show or compatible Fire tablet you own.

During setup, the device will help you choose the location in your home with the best antenna reception. It can record two to four shows at once and stream to multiple devices simultaneously. And, of course, it can be controlled using your voice with Alexa. You can search for shows, control playback, schedule recordings and more with your voice.

The Fire TV Recast comes with 500GB of built-in storage and will sell for $230. You can preorder starting today and it will begin shipping Nov. 14.

Amazon announced plenty of new software, too. Here's everything Amazon announced in Seattle.

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