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PlayStation Vita launch floats boatload of new games and more

With the arrival of the PS Vita, Sony brings a host of new games to its PlayStation Store, as well as support for Netflix and Flickr.

Sony's PlayStation Vita is available now.
Sony's PlayStation Vita is available now.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony yesterday delivered a host of new games and applications to its PlayStation Store ahead of today's PlayStation Vita launch.

The game company delivered three augmented-reality titles to the PlayStation Vita's game selection, including Cliff Diving, Table Soccer, and Fireworks. Augmented reality is made possible with the Vita's cameras, which identify user movement. In my experience with it on the Vita, augmented reality is by no means a key reason to buy the device, but it's a fun add-on--especially when friends are interested in trying it out.

In addition, Sony launched a number of new Vita games to its store, including Touch My Katamari and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. The former is going for $24.99 in the PlayStation Store, while the latter will set you back $7.99.

On the apps front, Sony has launched Twitter app Live Tweet, as well as Flickr support. Netflix was also made available, so users can stream movies and television episodes to the portable.

The timing on Sony's launches coincides, not surprisingly, with the arrival of the PS Vita. The company's new portable is officially launching in the U.S. today. The Wi-Fi-only version of the portable, which comes with a 5-inch OLED display and dual cameras, costs $249.99. A 3G-capable version will set customers back $299.99.

Last week, Sony launched the First Edition Vita bundle, which included a case, 4GB memory card, and a 3G-capable Vita. The bundle, which also came with a copy of the game Little Deviants, cost early adopters $349.99.

CNET reviewed the Vita earlier this month, and gave it an "excellent" rating of four stars out of five. Reviewer Jeff Bakalar was happy with the device's "amazing visuals," but criticized its subpar battery life and reliance upon separate memory cards.