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PlayStation Move arrives today for some, Sunday for others

Sony's motion-sensing gaming peripheral is officially heading to store shelves on Sunday, but Amazon is already making the device available.


Sony's PlayStation Move is officially launching to retail stores on Sunday, the company announced today. But there are some major exceptions to that rule.

According to Sony, retail stores in North America will start selling the PlayStation Move motion-gaming peripheral on Sunday. But those who have already pre-ordered the device will be able to get the Move today. In fact, some customers were able to pick up a PlayStation Move at game retailers as early as midnight last night.

Sony's fluid launch date becomes all the more confusing when one finds the device already on sale at Amazon. Currently, users can buy the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle for $100, which boasts a Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and Sports Champions. Amazon is also selling the PlayStation Move controller on its own for $49.99, as well as the Move navigation controller for $29.96.

A Sony blog post from September 7 said that PlayStation Move and its games "will be available on September 19 in the U.S., though some retailers may have it in stock earlier." It seems that at least Amazon has taken advantage of that loophole.

Sony's PlayStation Move is the company's answer to the Nintendo Wii. It allows gamers to control on-screen action by waving the Move motion controller around. In order for it to work, users will need to have a PlayStation Eye camera, along with the motion controller. They also need to be playing a title that supports the new technology.

Sony has several pricing models available for consumers to get their hands on the PlayStation Move. The company is selling the PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle for $400, which includes a 320GB PlayStation 3, along with a Move motion controller, the Playstation Eye camera, Sports Champions, and a bonus game disc. As noted above, the company is also selling its Move Starter Bundle for $100. Those who don't need bundles can simply buy the motion controller and the navigation controller separately