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Pictures and impressions from Digital Life

Digital Life was a bit of a snooze. Check out my impressions and some pictures taken at the event.

With Digital Life finally drawing to a close, some were excited by what they saw and others were, well, a bit disappointed. Unfortunately, you can add my name to the second group.

All in all, Digital Life proved to be small, lackluster and boring. The majority of the people at the show were obsessed with Guitar Hero III while device exhibitors were left wondering what was left. Even worse, with most exhibitors you could see eyes glazing over as the day drew to a close.

It's unfortunate that such a well-known event can't bring the bacon like we hoped it would, but that's life I guess.

I took some pictures of the event. Check them out.

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The line was too long for me to get in!
You'll be seeing this soon...