Pawbo Munch makes pets work for their treats

Make a game out of treat time with a new interactive feeder from Acer's Pawbo connected-pet brand.

Lori Grunin
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Smart feeders, connected treat dispensers, pet activity trackers -- there are a ton, and none of them seem to have taken off. At least Pawbo, a subsidiary of Acer , adds some whimsy to the designs.

Its latest offering, Pawbo Munch, also adds a bit of a novelty: You can set it so your pet has to match symbols to deliver treats. Other capabilities include musical entertainment and the ability to set snack types and portions. To interact with it remotely, however, you also need the $200 Pawbo+ camera, which has its own treat dispenser.

Two other new products include a typical collar-attached activity tracker (iPuppyGo) -- typical except for an app that offers a human-pet Treasure Hunt game -- and the WagTag wireless pet tracker which can geofence your dog -- as long it's huge, because no one has managed to make these things small enough for apartment dogs.

I don't have pricing or availability for these at the moment.