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Pa. university to give all students iPads

Even though Apple's iPad has yet to hit store shelves, the small Seton Hill University plans to give all full-time students an iPad starting in the fall.

Apple iPad
The iPad: coming to a university near you. Apple

It hasn't even launched yet and already Apple's iPad is catching the eye of colleges.

Pennsylvania-based Seton Hill University, which has an enrollment of about 2,100, announced on Tuesday that starting fall semester, all full-time students will receive an iPad tablet device in an effort to boost learning ability and technical know-how.

"The iPad initiative kicks off the university's Griffin Technology Advantage Program," the school wrote on its iPad page. "This new program provides students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensuring that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose--even those that have not yet been created."

Seton Hill's Griffin Technology Advantage Program, which starts in the fall, ensures that each student will receive the iPad, as well as a 13-inch MacBook. Students can use the devices in class and for personal use. The university even plans to replace the laptop with a new one every two years. The products are owned by the students, which means they can take them after graduation.

Seton Hill believes that, with the help of both a laptop and the iPad, it can create a "just-in-time learning environment" that enhances student learning and hopefully helps them learn "technological skills [they will] need in the 21st century workforce."

The university didn't say how it plans to use the iPad, but it's worth noting that it made the decision prior to its launch.

(Via TUAW)

Correction: Some references to Seton Hill University in this post were initially misstated as Seton Hall University.