OnStar to offer Facebook, voice-to-text?

OnStar will be updated in the coming months, according to reports, and when that happens, the service will have Facebook integration and voice-to-text functionality.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

General Motors plans to update OnStar with Facebook integration and voice-to-text messaging, according to Bloomberg.

Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported Tuesday that OnStar will unveil an update this month that will let people connect to their Facebook profile and translate voice messages to text. Bloomberg's sources said OnStar might also provide smartphone-linked "entertainment and information services."

Bloomberg's report follows a CNET interview with OnStar President Chris Preuss earlier this month. Preuss didn't provide many details, but he said his company will announce a "relaunch" of its service on September 15. The announcement will unveil a service that is "better all around," Preuss said.

OnStar's efforts mirror the new services Ford announced for its Sync service at CES in January. The company unveiled a feature that lets people access the Web, including Twitter specifically. Ford plans to make the new Sync software available in its 2011 models.