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OnLive goes live in the U.K.

The cloud-gaming company says its service will be coming to more European countries later this year.

OnLive has finally made its way to the U.K.
OnLive has finally made its way to the U.K.

OnLive has rolled out its cloud-gaming service to the U.K., the company announced today.

Gamers in the U.K. will be able to access 150 games from an HDTV, PC, or Mac, and will soon have the ability to play those titles from the iPad and Android tablets. OnLive didn't say when the service will be made available on those mobile devices.

OnLive's move to the U.K. is an important one. Prior to the launch, the company was only offering its service (which lets users play a host of popular games, including Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Just Cause 2, among others) in North America. With the U.K. launch, OnLive has a foothold to expand into other parts of Europe, which it plans to do later this year.

However, since the service is new to folks in the U.K., OnLive is sweetening the pot a bit to make it easier for users to try it out. First-time buyers can buy their first title for 1 British pound (about $1.50), rather than the typical 39.99-pound ($61.35) price. In addition, those attending the Eurogamer Expo in the U.K.--where the launch was announced--will receive a free OnLive Game System.

Signing up for OnLive is free. Gamers in the U.K. who want to sign up will need to surf to OnLive's new U.K. site. U.S. customers can still use the site.