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Nokia files more patent complaints against Apple

Nokia has filed 13 more patent infringement claims against Apple in Europe. Filings relate to touch user interface, on-device app stores, and much more.

Nokia won't give Apple a break.

The company filed patent-infringement claims against Apple in the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands today. A total of 13 patents were included in the company's filings, bringing the total to 37 total claims against Apple.

In the U.K. High Court, Nokia charged that Apple violates four patents related to the use of a "touch user interface" and "on-device app stores," among others. The company filed a total of seven patent-infringement claims in two German district courts, charging that in addition to its use of the touch user interface, Apple allegedly violated patents related to messaging, caller ID services, and "display illumination." The company's Netherlands claims cover two patents "related to signal noise suppression and data card functionality," Nokia said.

"The Nokia inventions protected by these patents include several which enable compelling user experiences," Nokia vice president of intellectual property, Paul Melin, said in a statement. "For example, using a wiping gesture on a touch screen to navigate content, or enabling access to constantly changing services with an on-device app store, both filed more than ten years before the launch of the iPhone."

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Nokia's latest filings add yet another chapter in the ongoing saga between the two companies.

Nokia filed its first patent-infringement claim against Apple in 2009, alleging the company violated patents related to the use of GSM, 3G, and Wi-Fi. Apple then countersued Nokia last December, saying that the handset maker infringed 13 of its own patents, including signal processing and touch-screen display rotation.

Nokia filed a new suit earlier this year alleging patent infringements in Apple's iPad. It then followed that up with more patent-infringement claims in the U.K. in September.

Apple doesn't only find itself in legal battle with Nokia. The company fired off a slew of patent-infringement charges against HTC earlier this year, prompting that company to respond with patent-infringement claims of its own. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen also brought a patent lawsuit against Apple, Google, and other tech companies earlier this year, but that suit was thrown out earlier this week for being too vague.