Nintendo's Iwata dismisses iPad, 3D gaming

In AP report, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says he doesn't believe Apple's iPad provides the kind of value some hoped it would. He also doesn't see much value in 3D gaming.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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Nintendo DSi
The Nintendo DSi: Still the top mobile machine in Iwata's eyes. Nintendo

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reportedly believes that Apple's newly unveiled iPad leaves much to be desired when it comes to consumer appeal.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the Nintendo boss said the iPad was nothing more than "a bigger iPod Touch." He went on to say that he was unimpressed with the iPad and unfortunately, "there were no surprises" when Steve Jobs unveiled the device earlier this week.

Iwata's position on the iPad might have something to do with the device's gaming capabilities. Thanks to its App Store, Apple's iPad can run games from major developers, including EA, making it a mobile competitor to Nintendo's DS.

Beyond Apple, the Nintendo chief said there is no chance his company would offer a DS with motion-sensing technology, similar to what's offered on the Wii. He also rebuffed the idea of Nintendo offering an HD-capable Wii.

"I question whether those features would be enough to get people to buy new machines," he told the AP.

Iwata also fails to see value in 3D gaming. He said that he doesn't see people wanting to wear glasses while gaming at home. He even worried that some folks would feel embarrassed.

"How is that going to look to other people?" he asked.