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New Wyze Plug Outdoor is the cheapest outdoor smart plug yet

A new, dual-outlet smart plug is on the way from Wyze.

The new Wyze Plug Outdoor includes two outlets and energy monitoring. 

Today, the Wyze Plug Outdoor joins Wyze's growing line of affordable smart home products. Preorder pricing for the Wyze Plug Outdoor is just $10, with the cost rising to $11 for general sale in 2021. It won't wow you with its looks, but this ultra-affordable outdoor smart plug comes with a surprisingly long list of smart features you won't often find in even pricier plugs, like energy monitoring, individual outlet control and multiple automation options. 

The Wyze Plug Outdoor includes two 15-amp outlets you can control independently. It's rated IP64 for protection against water and fine particles like dust. You can control the Plug Outdoor with physical buttons, voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or through the Wyze app for Android and iOS. 


The Wyze Plug Outdoor tracks energy consumption in the Wyze app.


You can also set the plug to run on various automations like dusk-to-dawn sensing, vacation mode, custom schedules and triggers based on other devices. Unlike most smart plugs, the Wyze Plug Outdoor includes energy monitoring. You'll be able to receive alerts when energy thresholds are exceeded and view consumption history in the Wyze app. 

That $11 MSRP is an impressively low price for an outdoor smart plug. Heck, even indoor smart plugs that don't need weatherproofing or extra tough construction don't often dip that low. Similarly capable, dual-outlet plugs we've tested include the $30 TP-Link Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug (without energy monitoring) and the $35 iDevices Outdoor Switch with energy monitoring and HomeKit compatibility.

If the Wyze Plug Outdoor is as good as the Wyze Cam, it will be a best bet for smartening up your outdoor spaces. You can find out more about the Wyze Plug Outdoor on the Wyze website.