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New Apple program lets schools buy apps in bulk

The company launches volume purchase program for its App Store. Schools can buy 20 or more apps at the same time with purchase vouchers.

Apple this week launched what it calls the App Store Volume Purchase Program, which lets educational institutions buy 20 or more apps in bulk for faculty or students.

The program requires schools to designate at least one "program facilitator" to join. Upon doing so, the institution needs to buy volume vouchers worth between $100 and $10,000. Only those vouchers can be used to buy applications from the company's App Store. Applications that schools want to purchase with a credit card can only be purchased through an individual account.

Although volume purchasing might hint at discounted pricing on apps, Apple was quick to point out that a price reduction won't be the case in every instance. The company is leaving it up to developers to decide if they want to charge less for paid apps purchased in bulk.