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Netflix brings streaming, not rentals, to Canada

Movie service finally launching in Canada, where people will be able to stream digital content to their PCs, Macs, and other supported devices.

Netflix streaming is coming to Canada.
Netflix streaming is coming to Canada.

Netflix is bringing its streaming service to Canada, the company announced on Monday.

Netflix plans to launch its streaming service in Canada this fall. The company offered few details on how the service will be implemented. Customers will be forced to pay a "low monthly fee" for access to the service.

Netflix said its service will work on both PCs and Macs, as well as "a range of consumer electronic devices capable of streaming from Netflix." Ostensibly, that means the HDTVs, set-top boxes, and game consoles that currently support Netflix streaming, but the company didn't specify.

Netflix was quick to point out that Canadian customers will only be able to stream the company's library of digital content; it will not be offering its physical-media rentals to Canadians.

Netflix didn't immediately respond to request for comment on supported streaming devices or why the company isn't bringing its rental service to Canada.

Canada is the first international market Netflix has brought its streaming service to. For now, all content will be available in English only. Over time, it plans to support French, as well.

Canadians will be able to get updates on the upcoming service on Netflix's placeholder page.