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Netatmo outdoor security camera has a siren built in, works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri

The smart home device maker is introducing a new security camera.

The $350 Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren also has an integrated floodlight.

Smart home company Netatmo has a new device, the $350 hardwired Outdoor Security Camera with Siren. Netatmo already sells a $300 Outdoor Security Camera, formerly called the Netatmo Presence, that looks identical to this new model. But the existing hardwired camera doesn't have a built-in siren, so you now have the option to pick between the two.

Like the original Outdoor Security Camera, this siren-equipped model has 1,080p HD livestreaming and motion-detection capabilities designed to differentiate among regular motion and people, animals and cars. Note that this camera's people-detection feature is different than facial recognition. It can tell you it sees a person, not who it sees. 

The Outdoor Security Camera with Siren also has customizable motion-detection zones, night vision and an integrated floodlight. You can create your own automations in the Netatmo app so the light will turn on automatically whenever motion is detected. The 105-decibel siren, however, is manually-controlled -- you'll receive an alert and manually enable the siren in the app as needed. 

Despite this camera's high upfront cost, it does come with a longer-term cost-saving feature: a built-in microSD card that saves your videos locally, instead of a monthly or yearly cloud service subscription. The local storage is a bonus, especially for privacy-minded folks -- or anyone who doesn't want to pay additional fees to access their saved video clips.

Netatmo's upcoming Outdoor Security Camera with Siren is supposed to work with Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit (although it won't work with the HomeKit Secure Video yet -- that's coming later in 2020). 

The Outdoor Security Camera with Siren is available for preorder in Europe now and Netatmo says it will hit US stores "later this year." 

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