Nest is announcing something 'big' on Sept. 20

The invite mentions a "comfy couch" and "popcorn." Are they referring to the announcement or the product?

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister

Nest , a division of Alphabet, is famous for its Nest Learning Thermostat... and also sells a pretty good home security camera or two, and a smart smoke detector. They're consumer-friendly, but they're generally part of the fabric of your home, not something front and center.

So imagine our surprise when we received the invitation above, for a "big announcement" on Sept. 20 that clearly sounds like a product for your living room. Perhaps even one that involves your television. 

Why else would Nest mention "popcorn" and a "comfy couch"? It's probably not another thermostat: Nest already announced that one today.

Well, there is the possibility that Nest is talking about the announcement itself. Perhaps the company hopes you'll livestream it from your couch, puffed-up, butter-drizzled kernels in hand. But seeing how this invite was sent to reporters who will attend a physical event -- not our readers, at least not yet -- that theory seems less likely. 

We'll be there on Sept. 20 to find out. With Apple officially slated to announce its next iPhone(s) on September 12, it's going to be a busy couple of weeks for us here at CNET.