Neato fills out vacuum lineup with nods to value seekers, pet owners

Neato's D4 and D6 robots target dirty floors, deal hunters and pet owners.

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Have a pet hair problem? Perhaps the Neato Botvac D6 can help.

Neato Robotics

Two new vacuums join the ranks of Neato Robotics' product line at IFA.

The first, $499 Botvac D4 Connected, is aimed squarely at price-conscious shoppers. Neato hopes the second, $699 Botvac D6 Connected, will appeal to pet owners who seek tidier living spaces.

Neato's D4 and D6 robots target dirt, deal seekers and pet owners

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Despite a difference in pricing of $200, the D4 and D6 will share many functions and abilities. Both robots communicate with home Wi-Fi networks, and let you command them through the Neato mobile app (iOS, Android). You'll get cleaning reports, along with maps of the ground they've covered in your house.

Another ability that's made it into these two machines is something called, "No-Go Lines". Previously only offered by the company's flagship model, the Botvac D7 Connected, it lets you declare parts of your home forbidden. That might include rugs, power cords, kids' rooms, etc.

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The D6, however, supports multiple floor plans while the D4 does not. That's critical for storing different maps (at the same time) for each level of a multilevel house. You get a "high-performance" air filter plus a side brush with the D6. The two add-ons supposedly make the robot better equipped to deal with pet hair and dander.

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The Neato Botvac D6 Connected sports a handsome brushed metal finish.

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Friday the D7 did receive an ability, "Zone Cleaning", that Neato's other vacuums can't match. With it, users make smaller "zones" within the floor plan. These areas are meant to cover high-traffic, frequently soiled spots that require cleaning often.

Both models, Neato says, are available for purchase immediately.

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