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NASA launches free iPad app

The space agency is offering a free iPad app that lets people view a variety of content in high definition.

The new NASA App HD for the iPad.
The new NASA App HD for the iPad.

NASA is capitalizing on the success of the iPad with a new app that offers mission information, photos, videos, and factoids.

Dubbed NASA App HD, the program is an updated version of the iPhone app the organization already offers. It includes thousands of images from the NASA picture bank, as well as videos documenting NASA's efforts. Folks who spend time watching NASA TV will be happy to hear that the app runs a live stream of the channel. And those who want to find out about NASA missions can do so from within the software.

NASA App HD also lets people explore the universe. Clicking on a planet or star displays information, including a description of the object and missions related to it. The app also features an "Image of the Day."

NASA App HD is available in Apple's App Store for free. It supports both Wi-Fi and 3G for streaming.