Mog music service to expand to cars, Sonos

Mog confirms its music-streaming service is coming to vehicles, as well as devices from LG and Sonos, and says it will offer more details at South By Southwest.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Mog is planning to make a play for the car and home, the company announced today.

Next week at South By Southwest (SXSW), the company's CEO, David Hyman, will demonstrate Mog running in a Mini USA vehicle. The service, according to a brief statement from the company, will let users have "fast and easy access to unlimited music on demand from virtually anywhere."

Mog, which boasts more than 10 million tracks, offers customers two streaming services: a $5-per-month option, which provides access on a computer; and a $10-a-month service that lets users connect to Mog from mobile devices in addition to their PCs and other electronics.

Since Mog expects to reveal plans for the car service next week, details are slim. However, The New York Times is reporting that Mog's service will be preinstalled in Mini cars and will require subscribers to connect their smartphones to the in-car stereo. The built-in Mog service will use the smartphone's Web connection to access music, but the user interface will be on the in-car stereo and not on the user's smartphone, according to The Times. Mog hasn't revealed how it will handle pricing for in-car service.

Getting music-streaming services to the car is possibly the next big step in on-the-road entertainment. Currently, the easiest way to stream music tracks over the Web in a car is to connect a smartphone to the car stereo and use the vehicle's speakers as the audio output. All the controls still reside on the smartphone.

Outside of the car, Mog also unveiled plans today to bring its service to several other devices. Mog's offering will be made available to LG Blu-ray players, HDTVs, and the company's SmartTV Upgrade set-top box. Sonos Multi-Room Music System owners will soon have access to Mog, as well.

LG users will be able to choose from the company's $5-per-month or $10-a-month options. Sonos customers will need to opt for the $10-per-month plan.

Mog didn't give a launch date for availability on those devices, but it plans to say more about them and its in-car efforts next week at SXSW.