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Mattel won't release its Aristotle child monitor after all

A recently hired Mattel CTO has decided that its high-tech child monitor is not fit for release.

Mattel has cancelled its Aristotle child monitor amid some privacy concerns.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

According to a Mattel spokesperson, after its recently hired CTO, Sven Gerjets, conducted an extensive review of the product, he decided it "did not fully align with Mattel's new technology strategy" and would therefore not be brought to market.

Aristotle was designed as an Amazon Echo for kids. For very young children, it would work as a typical baby monitor with a camera, night light and white noise emitter and would react to their cries with soothing music. However, once they got a bit older, it would also answer their questions and purportedly even answer their questions until they fell asleep.

According to a Washington Post article, the device got the attention of at least some politicians, concerned about just how much information it would collect from children.

CNET got to see an early version of Aristotle earlier this year, and while we were impressed with the technology, some of the same privacy concerns came up for us as well.