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Manything video-monitoring app joins forces with IFTTT

Create your own motion and recording recipes with IFTTT's new Manything channel.


Manything is a free, iOS-specific app that lets you repurpose your old iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a cloud-based video-monitoring device. Yes, you need at least two Apple products for this to work -- one to take with you and one to leave at home. That way, you can access the app remotely to watch live video and set motion alerts, and use that extra, stay-at-home device to actually record video and detect motion.

The Manything service offers a lot of the same features as Dropcam and other IP cameras without necessitating a separate piece of hardware. Intriguing, right? And now, Manything has its own IFTTT channel, which will enable you to make your own recipes based on motion and video recordings.


The motion recipes will let you pair Manything with Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo products. That creates the opportunity for a lot of useful customizations, such as: "If Manything detects motion, then turn on Philips Hue lights."

Video recording recipes also promise to bring a new level of home security and automation to the Manything service. Use IFTTT to start recording when you leave home and stop recording when you return, via Manything and Siri, SMS, or Life360.

Although Manything points to Nest's recent Dropcam acquisition to demonstrate the importance of DIY video recording in the smart-home sphere, it's clearly trying to differentiate itself from its IP camera competition. Its no-purchase service offers a ton of convenience for iOS fans with a surplus of Apple products at home. Manything is also the very first video-recording service to partner with IFTTT, giving it a unique edge over more traditional, IFTTT-free offerings.