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Lutron syncs your lights up with Google Assistant

You can already ask Siri or Alexa to turn your Lutron smart lights on and off -- starting today, you can use Google Assistant, too.


Lutron's smart switches already let you turn things on and off by talking to Siri or Alexa, but today, the brand is going for the voice control trifecta by adding in support for Google Assistant. That'll let you turn your smart lights on and off using voice commands with the Google Home smart speaker, the Google Pixel phone or select other Android phones and Android Wear devices.

"Lutron has made it a point to work with leading brands," Lutron executive Neil Orchowski said. "From a voice control perspective, the Google Assistant was a no-brainer."

The new integration will function much like the existing integrations with Siri and Alexa. Starting today, Lutron Caseta Wireless customers will be able to ask the Google Assistant to turn individual lights or groups of lights on and off, or to dim or brighten them.

Orchowski acknowledged that the sort of multidevice scene controls that work with Siri and Alexa -- a voice-activated movie mode, for instance -- "aren't quite there yet" with the Google Assistant, but also pointed out that customers will be able to ask the Google Assistant whether or not they've left any of their lights on. Alexa can't do that yet, though Siri can.

Caseta Wireless is Lutron's entry-level line of smart wall switches, plug-in switches and accessories. If you use Lutron's higher-end RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS setups, you'll be able to sync with the Google Assistant starting this June.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Edited at 2:48 PM EST on 4/18/17 to reflect that Siri can tell you whether you left your lights on or not.