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Lutron and Amazon's Alexa give another smart lighting kit a say

A new partnership between Lutron and Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Fire TV puts another smart lighting control system just a simple Alexa command away.


Lutron, a company that sells DIY dimmers, as well as shades and blinds, announced today that its home lighting-control devices will now work with Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Fire TV via an Alexa Skill.

Lutron was one of the very first companies to introduce an Apple-HomeKit-compatible product to market. Its second-gen Smart Bridge connects to your router and controls Lutron's various lighting devices, including plug-in and in-wall lighting dimmers. The thing is, HomeKit is way behind the pack in terms of smart-home functionality.

Enter: Amazon. Amazon has really upped the ante recently in terms of third-party integrations with its $180 Wi-Fi Echo speaker. The tech giant even introduced two new smart speakers to its lineup recently, the $90 Echo Dot and the $130 Tap. Other lighting products, like Philips Hue LEDs, already work with Amazon's voice control speakers. That simply makes Lutron the latest in a long line of brands to jump on board with Alexa, a promising sign that voice control integrations are here to stay (for now, at least).