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Love your Vitamix? This connected kitchen scale could smarten up your blending

The popular blender maker has teamed up with a connected kitchen scale company to create a Vitamix-branded smart scale.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

If you're a Vitamix addict and you want to perfect your home-made milkshakes, today's your lucky day.

Vitamix, which makes a popular line of powerful blenders, will work with a smart kitchen scale company to create the $100 Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale. The scale will connect with an iOS and Android-friendly app to guide you through food and drink recipes. You'll also have the option to tailor recipes to your specific Vitamix model, the companies announced today.

The maker of the scale, the Perfect Company, makes $50-$100 connected scales that use weight to guide you through recipes for baking, blending and drinking. You select what you want to make in the appropriate Perfect app (there are separate apps for Perfect Bake, Blend and Drink), put your mixing bowl, blender pitcher or cocktail shaker on the scale, and the app will prompt you to add ingredients. Since the app is connected to the scale, it will detect the weight of each ingredient and tell you to stop when you've added enough.

The backing of a larger company like Vitamix that already has a faithful audience is big news for the Perfect Company. And we're starting to see more partnerships in the kitchen between established manufacturers and tech start-ups. This includes Drop connected kitchen scale's recently announced pairing with Bosch to include Drop software in the German manufacturer's wall ovens and high-end brand Jenn-Air's partnership with software company Innit.