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Looks like Amazon's $99 Blink Video Doorbell is still a go

Blink has been touting the Blink Video Doorbell ever since the company was acquired by Amazon in December 2017.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
Gordon Gottsegen is a tech writer who has experience working at publications like Wired. He loves testing out new gadgets and complaining about them. He is the ghost of all failed Kickstarters.
Gordon Gottsegen
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The Blink Video Doorbell showed up on the FCC's website.


Amazon acquired home-security startup Blink back in December 2017. When the pair announced the deal, Blink touted its upcoming Blink Video Doorbell, a $99 device that shows you who's at your door and lets you talk to them with two-way audio. CNET got to test the Video Doorbell the next month at CES, but then we never saw it again.

Months later, it seems like we're getting close to its release.

The Blink Video Doorbell recently showed up on the FCC's website, suggesting that the product has been finalized. The included manual shows setup instructions for the Video Doorbell. It also provides pictures and calls out certain features (like two-way talk and smartphone compatibility through the Blink app).

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There's no word yet on when the Blink Video Doorbell will be released. It's still listed as "Coming Soon" on Blink's website. But the FCC manual does imply that it's actually coming.

A previous report said that Amazon bought Blink so it could use Blink's chips for other gadgets, but now the pair appears to be releasing a product together.

Keep in mind that Amazon makes its own home security cam (the Amazon Cloud Cam) and owns Ring, which makes the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. But since Blink's products are a bit cheaper than those other two, it might fill its own niche -- although it's worth noting that the original Ring Video Doorbell has also been discounted to $99.

Between Amazon's wide array of security cams, video doorbells and the Amazon Key, it seems like Amazon is looking to own your doorway.

Blink and Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.