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Logitech's Google TV box launching Sept. 29?

Company's first Google TV set-top box, dubbed Revue, could hit store shelves by month's end and cost $299, Engadget reports.

Logitech Revue

Consumers hoping to get their hands on a Google TV device might only need to wait two more weeks, Engadget reported today.

Citing unnamed sources, the technology blog reported that Logitech is planning to release its Revue set-top box on September 29. Engadget said the Revue will retail for $299.

Rumors surrounding Google TV have been cropping up quite a bit lately. Earlier this week, a reportedly leaked Best Buy document claimed Google TV would be launching on October 17. That followed a comment made by Google earlier this year, claiming its service--which allows people to search for content on the Web and on cable boxes--would be available in October.

However, that doesn't mean that Engadget's latest report of a September 29 release for the Logitech Revue is inaccurate. Last week, Intel CEO Paul Otellini told The Wall Street Journal that Google TV devices would "start shipping this month."

If the Logitech Revue does indeed hit store shelves on September 29, it could coincide with the release of the recently announced Apple TV. Apple's set-top box, which will let people rent films and TV shows and watch content from Netflix's Instant Streaming service, is scheduled to launch at the end of the month. Apple's device will retail for $99.

Logitech would not comment on Engadget's report.