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LinkedIn offers new way to apply for jobs

The company's new "Apply with LinkedIn" feature lets users share their profile from the business network with potential employers.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
The new "Apply to LinkedIn" button Netflix.
The new "Apply to LinkedIn" button Netflix. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

LinkedIn has launched a new feature that gives job seekers another way to apply for a position.

The new "Apply with LinkedIn" plug-in can be added to company Web sites and allows job applicants to share their LinkedIn profiles to apply for a position. Upon clicking the button on an employer's site, applicants can edit their profile before submitting it. To save applicants time, the plug-in culls data from the user's profile and automatically populates the company's online employment application with that information.

To check on submissions, applicants can go to their LinkedIn profiles and see which jobs they've applied for.

According to LinkedIn, "thousands of companies" are now using its plug-in, including Netflix, LivingSocial, and Photobucket, among others. When companies add the free plug-in to their sites, they can include up to three questions that users must answer before submitting their profiles.

Last month, tech blog GigaOm cited an anonymous source that confirmed LinkedIn was considering launching a job application tool. That source's predictions were spot-on, saying LinkedIn would call the feature "Apply with LinkedIn."

Admittedly, the feature isn't the most exciting addition, but it's a natural extension of the site's core function for professionals. Plus, it makes all the information a person shares in their profiles all the more important.

LinkedIn's new feature is available now. Employers who are interested in signing up for the service can download the free plug-in here.