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LG's WashTower will tackle laundry with a combined washer and dryer

The LG WashTower will attack laundry loads as a combined, smart washer and dryer system.

LG's WashTower will function as one combined washer and dryer unit.

Instead of buying a separate washer and dryer, LG has introduced another way to go. The company just announced its new WashTower appliance. At first glance it may look like an ordinary stacked washer-dryer combo. However, the WashTower is in fact one complete unit. It consists of a clothes dryer on top and a washing machine underneath. 

Both sections share the same single-chassis construction. As a result, according to LG, this combined design is 87 millimeters (3.4 inches) lower than the typical washer-dryer stack.

Despite taking up less space, the washer and dryer will have sizable drum capacities. LG says the washer can handle 17-kilograms (37.4-pound) loads. The dryer's drum is rated at a matching 16KG (35.3 lbs.). An LG representative told CNET the machine will have a 4.5 cubic-foot washer and 7.4 cu.-ft. dryer.

A washer and dryer linked by data

Being compact isn't the only upside to the WashTower's combined system. LG says the washer and dryer work as an integrated unit. They communicate cycle information with each other in real time. That enables the WashTower to predict the total completion time for both washing and drying a load. To save on drying time, the appliance can also preheat the dryer while a load is washing.

The WashTower's main components are a dryer unit on top and a washer on the bottom. They communicate with each other to select cycle settings. 


Another neat ability LG claims the WashTower has is enhanced intelligence. Specifically, the washer uses what LG calls, "artificial intelligence direct drive." LG says the feature lets the appliance detect the weight and fabric softness of each load. Armed with that information, the washer automatically selects the ideal cycle parameters.

While LG hasn't yet announced pricing for the WashTower, it does plan to sell the appliance globally. LG expects details about a US-specific version of the product in September 2020.