LG lights up smart bulb that responds to your phone

The Bluetooth-equipped smart bulb can talk to your mobile device so you can remotely turn it on and off, adjust the brightness, and schedule its activity.

Lance Whitney
Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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LG's smart bulb can talk to a smartphone. LG Electronics

LG has unveiled a light bulb that can you can control from your smartphone.

The company revealed Sunday that the new bulb can connect with phones, tablets, and other mobile devices through a dedicated app. As described by tech news site Tech Times, users will be able to tap into the app to turn the bulb on and off and even control the brightness.

That sounds cool. But why use a smartphone to control a light bulb rather than just flip the switch? Well, the app provides more functionality than simply turning the light on and off or varying its brightness.

You can schedule the bulb to turn on and off at specific times. For example, you can program the light in your bedroom to turn on automatically when it's time to get up or set an outside light to stay on during the night but shut off during the day. And through a special "security mode," you can schedule the lights to turn on when no one is home as a way to thwart potential burglars.

The app itself is compatible with devices that run Android version 4.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. LG didn't reveal a specific availability date, but the bulb itself will sell for 35,000 Korean won (around $32.50).