Lenovo's got new smart home gadgets to go with that fancy Smart Display

A smart plug, a Wi-Fi camera and a smart bulb with multiple white light settings are on the way, and they'll all work with Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant.

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A $99 Wi-Fi camera is one of three new Lenovo-branded smart home gadgets coming this November. If you've got a Lenovo Smart Display, you'll be able to to ask the Google Assistant to show you the camera's feed.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

With an attractive, eye-catching design, a high-res touchscreen and the full power of the Google Assistant's voice controls, the Lenovo Smart Display had plenty to recommend it when CNET reviewed it last month. Now, at the IFA tech showcase in Berlin, Lenovo is announcing a trio of new smart gadgets aimed at taking advantage of those Google Assistant smart home controls.

This means you can soon expect to see a Lenovo-branded smart plug and a smart bulb with multiple white-light settings that each cost $30 (about £25 or AU$40) a piece. There's also a pan-and-tilt camera with night vision that'll sell for $99. All three are set to launch in the US this November, with plans to expand internationally in the months after.

Dubbed "Lenovo Smart Home Essentials," all three products use built-in Wi-Fi radios to connect with your home network, so you won't need any extra hub hardware connected to your router in order to use them. Not surprisingly, Lenovo is quick to point out that you can control all three using the Smart Display and its Google Assistant voice controls, but each product will work with Alexa voice commands, too. A Lenovo spokesperson tells me that that you'll also be able to sync them up with Siri thanks to support for Apple HomeKit.

If voice controls and fancy kitchen counter tablets aren't for you, don't worry -- Lenovo's releasing an app called Lenovo Link that can control, schedule and monitor all three of the new gadgets, too.

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