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Lenovo waiting until 2011 to launch a tablet

CEO Yang Yuanqing tells The Wall Street Journal he has no plans to release his company's tablet before year's end. Instead, the LePad will be available next year.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has confirmed that his company won't be releasing its LePad tablet to the U.S. this year.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview today, Yuanqing told the publication that Lenovo will make the Android-based LePad available at some point next year and slightly more specifically that it will be available in China "early next year." He did not reveal pricing.

Originally, the LePad was slated to hit store shelves by the end of 2010. But reports started surfacing recently saying the company was postponing the release to wait for a more tablet-friendly version of Android.

Google's director of mobile products, Hugo Barra, said earlier this year that "[Android 2.2] Froyo is not optimized" for tablets and that Froyo "is just not designed for that form factor."

LG seemed to agree. Citing an unnamed source, Reuters reported last month that LG delayed its own tablet until the "most reliable Android version" is available for tablets. An unnamed LG official told Reuters that Android 2.2 was not the "most suitable version for our tablet."

Samsung, by contrast, has a much different perspective Google's mobile operating system. This week, the company launched its 7-inch, Android 2.2-based Galaxy Tab tablet in T-Mobile and Verizon stores. It plans to launch the tablet in Sprint's stores on Sunday.