Kodak delivers new camera for social fanatics

Tiny camera is specifically designed to help people share images on sites such as Facebook and Flickr, and YouTube.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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Kodak's M590.
Kodak's M590 Kodak

Kodak has released a tiny camera designed specifically to help people share images on a variety of social sites, the company said Monday.

Kodak's M590 boasts a 5X optical zoom, image stabilization, and facial recognition. The 14-megapixel camera also includes a 2.7-inch LCD display. It supports Micro-SD and Micro-SDHC.

The M590--at 3.8-inch wide, 2.3-inch high, and 0.6-inch thick, is the "world's thinnest 5X optical zoom digital camera" (at least as of July), according to Kodak.

Kodak also hopes to win over some customers with the device's share feature. After snapping a picture, a person can share it on sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube (the camera also has video capture). Kodak's camera also includes support for Orkut. However, Twitter--one of the first places people go to share pictures--isn't supported.

In order to publish the images, people click the "share" button at the back of the device and choose the desired destination. The M590 joins several other Kodak cameras with a sharing option.

The M590 is available at the company's online store. It sells for $199.95.

In addition, Kodak also introduced a larger version of its 7-inch Pulse digital picture frame. The 10-inch frame will sell for $199.95 when it launches later this year.